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Vipers Gold

What is Vipers Gold?

Back in 2018, the Vipers unanimously voted to create Vipers Gold.  So what is this?  The Vipers Gold are teams selected each year by a panel of the Vipers managers.  The purpose of the Vipers Gold designation is to serve as a “Flagship Team” of the organization in the respective age groups.  Currently the organization designates this honor to teams in the 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions.  These teams will represent the organization in elite events across the nation.  Vipers Gold teams,  will be given first choice to any organizational berths opening the door for them to get into some of the more exclusive events.   With the amount of travel required, the organization will also work with vendors to help sponsor items from uniforms to equipment,  Currently the 18U Vipers Gold team will also receive a pre-defined financial assistance to help offset the travel cost. 


What are the expectations of Vipers Gold?

To be a Vipers Gold team,  you mush first understand the expectations that comes with this as this this can be a big time and financial commitment for players and families:

  • Compete in 4 National Events each year.
  • Get their schedules reviewed and approved by the Vipers Board.
  • Attend  PGF Nationals and the Louisville Slugger IDT event for their age group in Colorado
  • Continually show a strong ability to compete at the national level.
  • Promote a positive image for the Atlanta Vipers.

Upon being selected as a Vipers Gold team, the teams should rebrand all their social accounts, email tag lines, ect as well as the organization updating their page to include this name.  It's an honor to receive so teams should use it and represent it proudly.


How Does My Team Become Vipers Gold?

To become a Vipers Gold team, every team from 14U and up will have a choice to make.  If they believe they can commit to the travel and have the team to compete, applications will be sent out in the June/July timeframe.  Once applications are received, members of the board will review applications and designated teams to carry this honor for the next year.

For teams that are interested in becoming part of the Atlanta Vipers organization and believe they should be looked at as an option for the Vipers Gold, you will need to select the Flag on the Team Registration page indicating your desire to be considered.  When it comes time for the application process to begin, you will then follow the normal process as the rest of the teams. 

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